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  1. Hi Joanne, as you may know here at EHWLC we are now turning more towards the coaching model you outlined though I still apply the last bit of advice I ever got from you, and diligently preach it to others! 😉
    I was having some real difficulty on my DTEELLS course as I rapidly realised it was becoming a seemingly endless form-filling, assignment writing programme. I came to see you in a right tiff, and you asked,” what knowledge or experience can you gain from this course?” Reflecting on the question, I realised that I wasn’t necessarily gaining the advertised benefits, though in order to complete the assignments and organise the lessons obs I really had to tighten up my time management as well as prioritise my daily tasks and activities. From that point other benefits soon flowed; SOW building, lesson planning, “selling” the benefits of a lesson to students…as well as meeting staff with different interests in other educational fields.
    So I’m not necessarily championing coaching per se, though having known you for almost 10 years I can say that it was the final question that has opened far more doors for me than all the brilliant advice I used to come and see you for in the first place. I have to say, I still miss both terribly…

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