Planning and facilitation

Quality improvement and CPD review (consultancy and planning support)

“Joanne’s ideas and coaching was the foundation that led us to a good Ofsted grade at Big Creative Education. She delivered some initial workshops with our tutors and managers and followed up with coaching conversations that led us directly to a positive Ofsted grade.
Joanne has been the inspiration behind both my coaching skills and the quality leadership strategies that have led my college to a good Ofsted grade.”

Darren Peers, TLA Lead, Big Creative Education

“Huge thanks to you for catalysing the whole QI and TLA CPD process. For all the advice and guidance you gave to me when I came to you saying, ‘Help, I’ve recently taken on the Director of Quality and Performance role and need an insightful steer and jet engine to move the ship quickly in the right direction?”

We always knew we wanted to go with a coaching approach and for the focus to be on tutors and the development of their craft ‘the art of teaching’. You were instrumental in the shaping and direction, with your initial set of CPD sessions targeted at the results from Ofsted and our tutor feedback sessions. This really shaped and baked the whole QI process and the teachers’ development ready for Darren (TLA Lead) to grab the baton and continue running like fury, so once again many, many thanks.”

Ian Morton, Director of Quality and Performance, Big Creative Education

Planning and facilitation of Self Assessment Review Day

“Joanne worked with us to ensure our quality improvement plans reflected causes not symptoms and that improvements were necessarily focused on teaching, learning and assessment.  She facilitated CPD sessions in a dynamic manner that engaged all academic managers, the workshop was very well received and her input has already had a really positive impact on the quality of this year’s SAR”

 Martin Simmons, Vice Principal, Sparsholt College Hampshire (incorporating Andover College Campus)

CPD Planning Session on Assessment for Learning

“In the planning session I felt that my opinion was greatly valued and again encouraged me to remain confident of my own opinions and ideas while taking the time to listen to others. All in all, I thought the day was used very effectively to help me move into the new role as a Lead Practitioner in Teaching, Learning and Assessment within the college.”

Craig Bates, Lead Practitioner in Teaching, Learning and Assessment, New College Durham

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