I deliver a range of 1:1 and group sessions related to Solution Focused Coaching. These approaches are useful in motivating people to change/develop, plan improvement and take the steps to carry it through into action.  These skills can be used to improve managers’ performance, to develop Advanced Practitioner/T&L Coaches’ expertise and to help strategic planners think and plan more effectively.

In relation to Solution Focused Coaching, I deliver the services below:

  • Training for groups to build their Solution Focused Coaching skills (for managers or for Advanced Practitioner or T&L Coaches)
  • 1:1 face to face appointments with coaches to discuss coaching experiences, review progress and form an individual action plan
  • 1:1 coaching and mentoring sessions by phone, Skype or Face Time
  • Developmental observation for coaches – observation of live coaching with a follow up discussion and action planning session
  • Group review sessions related to issues that arise in coaching – trouble shooting followed by action planning next steps
  • Training for T&L Coaches on tackling resistance and negativity and handling difficult coaching conversations
  • Training for teachers on peer coaching skills, so they can have reflective conversations about classroom practice and develop useful action plans
  • Sessions on how to embed coaching in your culture so that it joins up with wider quality improvement cycles and initiatives

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