I offer tailored consultancy and training services, with six main areas of expertise:

A.   Project planning

This involves working with clients face to face and by phone and email to ensure any improvement initiatives are well planned and can deliver outcomes. This includes work on scoping the business case, producing a practical project plan, developing a communications strategy suited to context, identifying ways to monitor progress and disseminate good practice. As part of this work, I share good practice, potential pitfalls and tips from the projects I have worked on elsewhere. I also work with senior management teams to develop a robust implementation plan for embedding project management approaches and methods in the organization.

B.   Supported Experiments implementation

This involves working with colleges that want to improve performance in teaching and learning and create a more innovative and collaborative culture. The Supported Experiments action research model, promoted by Geoff Petty, is one of the most dominant professional development models in the post-16 sector. It’s an effective way of engaging staff in improving their practice and sharing the results, so the outcome is a more positive culture of continuous development.

I work with colleges to build their project management and coaching capacity for Supported Experiments. This helps them to engage staff, plan effectively and keep up momentum during the action research cycle. As a result, the college/school builds capacity to implement other initiatives more effectively in future.

Supported Experiments take place in five stages. Teachers:

  1. Identify key issues or areas to develop in their teaching, to meet learners’ needs
  2. Investigate strategies and methods that have been shown to work, using Evidence Based Teaching materials from large scale research studies
  3. Plan an experiment to address the area
  4. Share findings with colleagues, receive coaching and support from them
  5. Embed improved practices and disseminate findings both inside and outside the organisation

C. Coaching

I deliver a range of 1:1 and group sessions related to Solution Focused Coaching. These approaches are useful in motivating people to change/develop, plan improvement and take the steps to carry it through into action.  These skills can be used to improve managers’ performance, to develop teaching and learning expertise and to help strategic planners think and plan more effectively.

In relation to Solution Focused Coaching, I deliver the services below:

  • Training for groups to build their Solution Focused Coaching skills (for managers or for teaching staff who may be supporting others)
  • Training on coaching skills for Learning Mentors or Progress Coaches who support students with their learning journey
  • 1:1 appointments with coaches to discuss coaching experiences, review progress and form an individual action plan
  • Group review sessions related to issues that arise in coaching – trouble shooting followed by action planning next steps
  • Sessions on how to embed coaching in your culture so that it joins up with wider quality improvement cycles and initiatives

D.   Teaching and Learning CPD

I have over twenty years of experience in teaching and teacher training in the post 16 sector. I can deliver a range of tailored or bespoke sessions to help teachers improve their skills in the classroom.Some key areas of interest are:

  • Stretching and challenging learners through differentiated methods and approaches
  • Engaging classroom approaches to embedding English for vocational staff
  • Approaches for personalising learning
  • Using questioning techniques effectively in class
  • Giving verbal and written feedback that creates improvement
  • Assessment methods and how they can improve learning
  • Practical approaches to sharing practice in CPD sessions
  • Active learning methods to promote learner independence inside and outside class

E.    Lesson Observations

I’m an experienced observer of lessons, both for developmental and quality purposes, so provide services in this area:

  • Observing live teaching and giving constructive written and oral feedback
  • Developmental feedback training for observers so that their feedback leads to improvement
  • Training on devising developmental action plans with effective targets after observations
  • Solution Focused Coaching training for teacher trainers and mentors/coaches, to enhance their feedback and follow-up skills
  • Advice on improving observation cycles so that they deliver development for the college/school
  • Consultancy around the transition from graded to developmental/ungraded observation cycles
  • Consultancy and training related to setting up effective peer observation cycles

F. Performance Management

I work with colleges to create a culture in which performance is managed in fair, positive, but robust ways. This involves:

  • Planning sessions to join up elements of the quality improvement and CPD cycles, with a focus on tracking, monitoring and accountability, in line with the new CIF
  • Training for managers on tackling under performance and developing strong performers
  • Training for managers on putting teaching and learning at the heart of their work with teams, to create a positive culture of improvement
  • Training for managers and coaches on using coaching approaches to drive action plans forward into practice

For further information, you can contact me as follows:






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