Geoff Petty, author of Britain’s best selling teacher training text Teaching Today: a practical guide, 4th edition 2009.

Joanne is the foremost expert in the UK on how to embed Supported Experiments into an organisation as a continuous improvement strategy. She has done it very successfully herself in a very large college. Research reviews by Joyce and Showers and by Helen Timperley have shown that pretty much the only way to improve teaching, in a way that affects student achievement, is through Supported Experiments or something very, very like them. She is a vital resource and is great to work with!”


Andrew Ball, Quality Manager, Itchen Sixth Form College

“Joanne has helped us to review our own processes in a reflective, logical and forward thinking style that has generated professional discussions and debates. I have found the practical approach to her sessions refreshing, focused and built upon years of FE and Sixth Form experiences. She has developed an open atmosphere of collaboration and risk taking in her sessions with our middle leaders that would not exist in an internal meeting dynamic. I would highly recommend her support both with a group of staff or for one to one target setting and planning.


Mandeep Gill, Vice Principal John Ruskin College, Croydon

“If you want CPD that staff value, and which truly focuses on supporting the learners and developing confidence and enthusiasm in the staff, get support from Joanne Miles.”


Kathy Mulvey, Head of Teaching and Learning Development, South Essex College

“It’s exciting when you have the right project for the right people and they engage with it and it works. To see [the Take Something and Improve It Project] working and people positively respond to it is what the job is about. I would recommend Joanne Miles unreservedly to other colleges. Excellent support which has helped me to develop; the whole process has been invaluable.”


Lt. Col John Gale, Innovation Cell, Defence College Communication Information Systems

The Supported Experiments methodology for the introduction of Evidence Based Teaching techniques worked really well. We have all finished training courses and CPD days with the intention of using new techniques or practices, but never done so. The Supported Experiments construct not only provides the impetus to experiment, but also the peer and coaching support to continue with deliberate practice of techniques until you can make a decision on their utility based on empirical evidence.”



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