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Updated Further Education and Skills Inspection Handbook from Ofsted (September 2017)

OfstedFurther_education_and_skills_inspection_handbook_for_use_from_September_… Word version of the Inspection Handbook in use from September 2017 onwards by Ofsted.   OfstedFurther_education_and_skills_inspection_handbook_for_use_from_September_.. PDF version of the¬†Inspection Handbook in use from September 2017 onwards by Ofsted. This link dispels some of the myths around … Continue reading

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Passion, professionalism and pioneer spirit: Reflections on the “Lesson Observations: new approaches, new possibilities” conference at University of Wolverhampton, June 17th 2015 #obsconf2015

Still reeling, in a good way, from Lesson Observations: new approaches, new possibilities conference last week. I attend and present at plenty of FE conferences and they rarely create this level of buzz beforehand or deliver such excitement on the … Continue reading

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The new Common Inspection Framework for FE 2015: The documents, slides and guides from Ofsted

Guidance Documents Video clips Matthew Purves, Ofsted’s Head of Education Inspection, introduces upcoming changes: Lorna Fitzjohn, Ofsted’s National Director for further education and skills – inspection changes: Andy Wilson, college principal, talks about his experience … Continue reading

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Some useful clarifications from the new Ofsted handbook for FE, June 15th 2015

“Ofsted has no preferred teaching style. Inspectors judge the quality of teaching by its impact on learning. Providers are not expected to use the Ofsted evaluation schedule to evaluate teaching or individual lessons, or to undertake a specified amount of … Continue reading

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Preparing for Mocksted/Ofsted: Tips for Positive Self-Management

The amount of stress and pressure that inspections can cause is evident in all the colleges where I work as a consultant, trainer and coach and this is both saddening and infuriating.¬†Ofsted are an unavoidable fact of life for us … Continue reading

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