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Blogs and podcasts about retrieval practice

1.Ways to practise bringing information to mind 2. For students – Learn how to study using retrieval practice 3. Resources, tips and suggestions about retrieval practice 4. A series of podcasts and blogs about retrieval practice, with … Continue reading

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A collection of blogs about revision skills

There are some bloggers who areĀ able to produce really interesting and useful posts on a regular basis and here are some of my favourites, writing on topics related to revision. Thanks to all of them for their work and generous … Continue reading

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Embedding English: Staging a recap session with the vocabulary box

The vocabulary box Many teachers review key words and terminology by having a vocabulary box to store word cards in class and then providing opportunities for recap through games and tasks. This bank of word cards builds up session by … Continue reading

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Maximising learner achievement this term: What can teachers, coaches and managers do right now?

Many teachers I meet in my consultancy and training role are in the final stages of their courses for this year. Despite fatigue, there is an urgency, focus and push towards the finish line, which I know from experience can … Continue reading

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Revision Tips and Techniques for Teachers and Coaches

It is the season for revision and wrapping up courses so with this in mind, I have pulled together a few ideas for this important stage of the year. Spin the bottle trouble-shooting This is a group activity that surfaces … Continue reading

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