Reading and Visuals for Principles of Instruction by Barak Rosenshine


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Interesting Reads For Coaches/Mentors In Education: The Value Of Goal Setting And The Skills Of Listening And Questioning

A. Two blogs from Jim Knight on the value of goals and habits in our coaching work with teachers:


B. Khorshed Bhote on the use of questions within coaching conversations:


C. A post from the Centre for Creative Leadership on listening skills:

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CollectivEd: Networking and professional learning for coaches and mentors in education

I would recommend CollectivED to coaches and Advanced Practitioners in the FE sector as a really useful source of networking and professional development/learning opportunities. Information and related links below from their website.

Joanne Miles

About CollectivED

CollectivED was established in October 2017, and is led by Rachel Lofthouse, who was appointed as Professor of Teacher Education in the Carnegie School of Education at Leeds Beckett University in the same year.

CollectivED is a network of teachers and other professionals, academics and students as local, national and international friends, partners and practitioners. Our shared interests include mentoring and coaching as well as other professional development activities, such as lesson study, supervision and supported action enquiry which draw on similar reflective and dialogic principles and educative professional relationships with learning conversations at their heart.

We are interested in how coaching and mentoring can be used to support all learners, whether they are teachers, other professionals, children and young people, leaders, governors or other partners. We are also fully aware of the difficulties that can exist in developing and sustaining mentoring and coaching practices and cultures that fully support professional learning and practice development. CollectivED offers opportunities to shape future practices and co-create knowledge, and we aim to positively influence educational policy at institutional and national level.

CollectivED Working Paper Series

The theme of these papers is the value of collaboration and professional dialogue for individuals, the institutions they work in and consequently their pupils and students


Resources for coaching in education – an extensive set of links and research references


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Interesting Reads: Lesson Study For Professional Learning


Lesson study: A collaborative approach to scholarship for teaching and learning in higher education by Phil Wood Wasyl Cajkler


Taking Lesson Study To The Next Level: Adapting Lesson Study For Your School by Dr. John Paul Mynott

Is it necessary to create professional conflict in Lesson Study … › 2017/07 › Taking-Lesson-Study-to-the-Next-Level




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Assessment For Learning: Links on Research and Practical Classroom Approaches

Very useful  site on many aspects of the research and practice related to assessment for learning.

Tom Sherrington on key messages from research and some ideas for practical classroom applications.

Blogs from Alex Quigley on the value of formative assessment and an example of how to use gallery critique activities in class.





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Coaching for engagement and achievement by Jim Knight

An interesting article from Jim Knight on coaching for engagement and achievement – well worth a read for coaches, mentors, Advanced Practitioners and teachers.


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