“Cold Calling” Questioning Technique: The Case For And Against

  1. Cold Calling and Bad Pizza – arguments for and against cold calling and some research findings

2. Cold Call is Inclusive – practical applications of the techniques and their benefits


3. The ethical professor blog – insights from the HE context

4. Cold Calling. pdf – overview of the approach from The Chartered College of Teaching

5. Cold Calling post from Tom Sherrington – the value of cold calling as an inclusive technique

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Three ways to use Chat in online learning

Here are three short video clips with related blog content, showing teachers using Chat in different ways as part of online learning sessions.

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Project-Based Learning – Tips, Techniques and Pointers For Online Learning




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5-minute Loom Recording from Joanne Miles: Facilitation Skills for T&L Coaches and Advanced Practitioners

Recently, I have been supporting several groups of TLA Coaches and Advanced Practitioners with developing their skill sets for use in school or college. We have been working on reflective dialogue skills, designing CPD sessions that foster ownerships and facilitation skills. This short Loom recording unpicks the skills of facilitation, which can be so useful in leading subject team meetings or CPD sessions that engage others effectively.


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Talking about the quality of online/blended teaching and learning in a pandemic

1.Teaching Excellence Podcast – November 17th 2020 – Joanne Miles and Stef Wilkinson


We talk about how we conceptualise, evaluate and develop the quality of teaching and learning in virtual spaces

2.AoC/ETF Online Conference – October 21st 2020

Presentation slides from Professor Matt O’Leary’s session on Capturing what “quality” teaching and learning looks like in a virtual environment and how best to support it

3. Slide Presentation for a Zoom Conversation – September 29th 2020

Developing our understanding of the quality of TLA in virtual spaces – a conversation between Professor Matt O’Leary and Joanne Miles

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Guidance for teachers on designing remote learning materials

Five practical and simple tips for designing remote learning materials:


Tips on devising asynchronous modules for learners to work on at home:

Free webinar on adapting resources to deliver content online:


Concise summary of research findings about designing video-based lessons – useful practical tips here:

Practical hints and tips for making teaching videos:


How to insert a text box to type in when in PowerPoint slideshow mode, to support modelling in live lessons:

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A collection of practical tips and research findings on remote teaching and learning

Research review on remote learning:


Free training and guidance resources for teachers wanting to develop their remote teaching skills:

A big collection of blogs from Durrington Research School on different aspects of remote teaching and learning:


Some dos and don’ts for teachers when moving to remote teaching:


Some simple underpinning ideas about what to focus on when planning remote teaching and learning:


Using breakout rooms in Microsoft Teams;


Guidance from NSPCC on working safely with students when teaching remotely:


Helpful thinking and planning approaches for motivating distant learners:

Interesting read about a secondary school’s journey to develop remote teaching and learning:


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Reflections On The Shift To Blended Learning: Common Challenges For Teachers

As a trainer and coach in the FE sector and schools, I have been having many conversations with teachers about their move to blended learning during the pandemic. In this Loom recording, I summarise the main challenges that teachers have mentioned and some of the approaches they have used to address them.

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Reflective Skills for Teachers: How can you develop your own and support colleagues with their reflective practice?

Reflective Skills: What are they and how can they benefit teachers?

Mindset and Communication Skills of the Reflective Peer:

Reflective Skills: Useful questions for a reflective conversation with a colleague:

Some pointers on how to be an effective reflective partner in peer observations:

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Classroom Observation: Prof Matt O’Leary talks to Martine Ellis for The Teaching Space podcast


If you are interested in research and practice around lesson observations in the FE sector, this podcast from The Teaching Space is a great listen. Martine Ellis interviews leading author Prof Matt O’Leary about his interest in lesson observation and his past and present research work in this area.

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