Coaching Skills

  • Team Coaching with the Solution Circle: A Practical Guide to Solutions Focused Team Development – Daniel Meier (2005, Solutions Books)
  • Coaching to Solutions: A Manager’s Toolkit for Performance Delivery– Carole Pemberton (2006, Elsevier Ltd)
  • The Strengths-Focused Guide to Leadership – Mike Roarty and Kathy Toogood (2014, Pearson Education Limited)
  • Concepts of Coaching: A guide for managers – Peter Hill (2004, ILM)
  • The Solutions Focus: Making Coaching and Change SIMPLE – Paul Z Jackson & Mark McKergow (2007, Nicholas Brealey Publishing)
  • Making Coaching Work: Creating a Coaching Culture – David Clutterbuck & David Megginson (2005, CIPD)

The training zone site has some great articles. And if you type Joanne Miles into the search box, you can see a few things I’ve contributed.

Video Clips: Coaching

On this link there are clips from colleges where coaching are used

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