Project Management

As a qualified and experience project manager, I work with clients in a range of ways to ensure initiatives can be delivered effectively:

1. Project planning

This involves working with clients face-to-face and by phone and email to ensure any improvement initiatives are well planned and can deliver outcomes. This includes work on scoping the business case, producing a practical project plan, developing a communications strategy suited to context, identifying ways to monitor progress and disseminate good practice. As part of this work, I share good practice, potential pitfalls and tips from the projects I have worked on elsewhere. This support can also include 1:1 phone or Skype coaching to maintain project momentum and allow for in project consultancy advice.

2. Project Management Skills Training

These training sessions help managers and co-ordinators to plan and implement initiatives using good practice from project management methodologies. This training can involve training input as a group as well as 1:1 or small group coaching sessions.

3. Embedding project management

I  work with senior management teams to develop a robust implementation plan for embedding project management approaches and methods in the organization. This can involve work on systems, processes and templates as well as defining roles and tasks for key team members.

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