Training events 2011-12

Here is a list of my forthcoming conference presentations and training events. To reserve places please click on the links.

Training events 2011-12 

1. Sector Training: Creating a More Innovative and Collaborative Culture for Teaching and Learning – How Supported Experiments Can Help

Tuesday 27th March 2012 (Central London)

2. Sector Training: Skills for Managers – Improving Your Planning and Delivery Through Project Management Approaches

Thursday 26th April 2012 (Central London)

3. Sector Training: Developing Colleagues through Solution Focused Coaching: skills for Advanced Teachers and Teacher Trainers

Wednesday 2nd May 2012 (Central London)

4. Sector Training: Putting the Focus Back on Teaching and Learning: Joined-up Ways to Create a Positive and Improved Teaching and Learning Culture

Wednesday 9th May 2012 (Central London)


5. New Bubbles: Supported Experiments and Solution Focused Coaching

Friday 29th June 2012 (Cosham, near Portsmouth)




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