Developing yourself during the pandemic: Interesting videos and reads for TLA Coaches/APs

Some questions for reflection or for discussions with colleagues:


Interesting video of a reflective conversation – Taking a kaleidoscopic view of England’s coaching in education with Professor Rachel Lofthouse and Rose Blackman Hegan:


Have a listen to the Teaching Excellence Podcast with Stef Wilkinson and Jade Gibson – covers lots of aspects of principles and practice in the FE sector:


Free CPD – Rosenshine Masterclass from Tom Sherrington:


Pick out some research to read:


Catch up with what other Advanced Practitioners and TLA Coaches have been up to:


For reflection or sharing with teachers:

5 Low-Tech, Time-Saving Ways to Teach Online During Covid-19


Develop your digital skills through Enhance Digital Teaching Platform from Education and Training Foundation:


See how different organizations have embraced digital – OTLA Digital Projects:



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