How am I doing with teaching from home during the coronavirus outbreak? Reflection and planning questions for teachers

Author: Joanne Miles, Coach, Consultant and Trainer

Schools and colleges in the UK are now several weeks into the closures triggered by the coronavirus crisis and we are currently in the Easter break period. It feels like a good point to pause, step back and reflect on that transition to teaching and learning from home. Here are some questions for teachers to dip in and out of, think about or discuss, to support that reflective process and planning of next steps. These questions relate to the transition to teaching from home using digital tools as opposed to face-to-face delivery.

Looking back: Reflection Questions

  1. How have I surprised myself in my handling of this transition to teaching from home?
  2. What has helped me to look after my wellbeing and manage stress and fatigue?
  3. What has surprised or impressed me about how the learners have made this transition to learning from home?
  4. What has helped the learners to get on board with this change and engage with the new way of working together?
  5. What have I noticed about communicating with learners during the first weeks of remote teaching and learning?
  6. Which approaches have been especially helpful in getting remote teaching and learning to happen smoothly/at all?
  7. Which digital tools have been particularly helpful for engaging learners with remote learning in different ways?
  8. Which digital tools have helped me check learning and assess progress?
  9. Which learners might need additional tech/digital support and what can I/we offer?
  10. Which learners may need pastoral support to cope with the current situation?
  11. Which particular strengths and skills do I have as a practitioner that I am harnessing now?
  12. Which teaching techniques have I managed to transfer into online delivery of sessions? For example, you could think about questioning, pair work, group tasks, peer or group assessment and review, plenary slots
  13. What have been the pros and cons of delivering synchronous online sessions for groups and asynchronous tasks for learners to do in their own time? How can I make the most of each approach to maximize learning?


Looking forward: Planning next steps

  1. Which approaches and activities will help me look after my wellbeing in the next weeks of the pandemic?
  2. What changes to habits and routines could I make, to improve my sense of wellbeing?
  3. What do I need to be doing differently next term, in order to be more helpful and useful to learners?
  4. How can I adapt my teaching style to get the most from remote delivery and digital tools?
  5. Are there a few activities or tasks that I would like to try out next term using a digital tool?
  6. Who may have helpful knowledge or info to help me design learning resources or sessions for next term?
  7. How can I collaborate with colleagues, coaches, advanced practitioners or digital champions to help me develop through this process?
  8. How can I work with colleagues to stay connected and strong as a team during this period of working from home?
  9. How can I best organize my day to include planning learning sessions, designing digital resources, completing administrative tasks and attending online meetings?
  10. How can I monitor students’ responses to the new way of working over next term?
  11. What do the learners need from me going forward into next term, in terms of their focus on skills/knowledge/behaviours?
  12. How can I help the learners to stay motivated, connected and resilient as the pandemic continues?
  13. What positives do I hope to away from this experience, to enhance my practice and the students’ learning experience?
  14. What do I hope the learners will say about me during this crisis?


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