Just moved to online teaching due to the coronavirus? Here are some blogs and videos to help develop your digital skills

 How to teach online with Zoom: Complete Introduction



QuizSlides offering free use of their platform for 3 months



Thanks to https://twitter.com/MarkBeetlestone

and https://twitter.com/PhilEdTech  for sharing all these resources on using Microsoft Teams


How to use Microsoft Teams for collaboration with students and colleagues


Microsoft Teams Full Teacher & College Support Staff Guide / Remote Teaching & Learning from Phil Whitehead from Teachblend https://twitter.com/PhilEdTech



Range of tools for remote delivery and assessment


Info and tools from Google to support teachers teaching from home


Big set of links to resources and blogs related to using Google Classroom and teaching remotely with students. Thanks to Shaun Allison for this great bank of links.



Andy Tharby on Creating Simple Teaching Videos With Loom



Blogs about taking research evidence on learning and applying it to distance teaching – this post focuses on the worked example effect



Some very practical points from Tom Sherrington about communication, tasks and planning for remote delivery during a school shutdown



Links to 10 of the world’s best virtual museum and art gallery tours





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