Research on teaching and learning: A list of reports, articles and blogs for FE and schools

  1. Thanks to Tom Sherrington for sharing this great collection of research summaries. He introduces them on his website as follows:

There are several superb summaries of educational research that have been compiled into easily accessible websites and articles in pdf format that can be read online and shared with staff. Although they are easy to find via an internet search, I am pulling them together into one place for easy access.

  1. Another great collection of research articles here from Chris Moyse so many thanks to him as well:

Key points from research in 100-word summaries here:

  1. Research Schools Network has compiled a wide-ranging list of research summaries with some additional recommendations for bloggers to follow:

  1. Blog post from Professor Rob Coe with a list of reading references, articles and reports:

  1. The website for a group of cognitive psychological scientists interested in research on education, especially the science of learning:





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