Embedding English: 10 questions for team meetings or CPD slots

Embedding English is one of the hottest topics in the FE sector at the moment and I have been working with many colleges recently to support their improvement work. At this point in the year, curriculum teams are beginning to review how their work has been going and look forward to next year. Here are some questions to support that process of reflection, review and planning. These could be used as part of a small group discussion, a survey, a questionnaire or a group session in a team meeting/CPD slot.

  1. What are we pleased with this year in terms of how we have embedded English with learners in the classroom and in marking work? What has gone well and how can we develop that further?
  2. What were the three biggest challenges this year with developing learners’ English skills? What options do we have for tackling them next year?
  3. How do we show learners the value of developing their English skills? What works for us when doing that?
  4. How effectively have we worked with Additional Learning Support and the Learning Resource Centre to develop learners’ English skills? How could we enhance that relationship?
  5. How can we collaborate more effectively as a team to improve learners’ English skills?
  6. How could we develop our approaches to sharing reflections and resources for embedding English?
  7. What needs do we have in terms of our own knowledge or skills development in English as practitioners?
  8. How could we promote English skills better during our selection and recruitment stages?
  9. How could we highlight English more effectively at the point of induction?
  10. What would be the pros and cons of front-loading some English skills development early in our programmes next year?


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