Supporting Supported Experiments:Tips for Managers

As part of my consultancy work, I work in colleges on practitioner-led research and innovation projects such as Supported Experiments.  Curriculum managers and leaders sometimes ask me how they can support teachers in this process and so here are some approaches that I have seen in action.

  1. Ask about what teachers are trying out in their experiments in informal conversations – show interest and encourage them


  1. Have a standing agenda item in team meetings so people can work in pairs or groups to share updates or get help


  1. Liaise with the facilitator/coach to discuss levels of engagement and participation and approaches for working with individuals; involve the facilitator in leading relevant agenda items in meetings and CPD slots


  1. Look out for opportunities to buddy up people to collaborate on projects


  1. Think about communication with part timers – email/ meeting minutes/ catch up sessions/ bulletin or newsletter?


  1. See if teachers would like an informal drop in visit for you to see their experiment in action and discuss it afterwards


  1. See if peer observation could support the teachers once their project is up and running


  1. Get a sense of the range of experiments in your team so you can share anything useful with other managers
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