Questions for professional dialogue after peer visits or lesson plan peer reviews

You can use these for reviewing a lesson plan with a colleague or for the professional dialogue after a peer visit to your colleague’s classroom. The aim is to foster a reflective space for professional learning, so that your colleague can think about the lesson and the learners in an insightful way.

  1. What really pleased/surprised you about that lesson?
  1. What different needs do you have in this class (ability/disability/goals/preferences)?
  2. How did you plan for them?
  1. How were you using questioning to stretch and to support learners?
  1. Which of the activities worked really well for different learners and why?
  1. If you could do that lesson again, what would you do differently, to develop it further?
  1. What can learners do outside class, to take that lesson further?
  1. Which learner found that lesson quite easy? How could/did you stretch them further?
  1. Which learner found that lesson challenging? How could/did you support them?
  2. Where were the natural opportunities to highlight English or maths in that lesson?
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