Embedding English Effectively In Plans: Ten Top Tips For Teachers

Embedding English AND maths effectively in lesson plans: Tips for teachers


  • Identify naturally occurring opportunities to embed English – don’t fake it!


  • On your plans, note down the one or two aspects of English you are actively developing in that lesson/module – don’t overload it.


  • Pick out the 5 most useful key words for a lesson and clarify them (match up the words with definitions; dictionary definitions race; gap fill exercise)


  • Get learners to practise the S.U.M aspects of the words during the lesson and in revision slots – S for spelling and how you say it; U for using it in a sentence; M for what it means in a definition


  • Identify whether reading and writing skills form a key focus in the lesson and which ones are being developed – focus on those specific skills.


  • Think about how to prepare learners for reading (a few prompt questions, some visuals, a predication…

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