Evidence-based teaching: A list of links related to research and practice



The evidence-based teachers network – a good place to start with this topic


Evidence-based teaching overview and reading from Geoff Petty. Lots of links here that are useful, including Supported Experiments as a model for exploring evidence-based approaches in your practice


John Hattie’s research into methods that affect learner achievement in different ways, both positive and negative


What works best in education: The politics of collaborative expertise by John Hattie


What doesn’t work in education: The politics of distraction by John Hattie

Developing your skills as an evidence-based practitioner


School Research Leads – How am I doing as an evidence-informed practitioner? By Dr Gary Jones


Joint Practice Development – How to avoid wasting the hours but saving the ‘minutes’ by Dr Gary Jones


Top 10 Evidence Based Teaching Strategies


Action research: challenging and improving teaching practice


Evidence-Based Teaching: What works in Classroom Instruction


An overview of a range of evidence-based innovation projects in Wales


Case studies of UK colleges who have explored evidence-based practice within a Supported Experiments action research cycle

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