CPD Training Skills: Self-Assessment Tool For Trainers

  CPD trainer skills Scale 1-4;

1= no skills,4=high level of skill

Tick 3 priorities for development
1. Diagnose needs and preferences before designing the training
2. Design the training materials to address differentiated needs and preferences
3. Engage participants before the training in pre-session tasks to encourage reflection
4. Plan the tasks to suit the group of participants (relevance to levels and subject)
5. Bring current theory and pedagogy into the session in an engaging, involving way
6. Harness the knowledge in the room through eliciting ideas and experiences of teachers
7. Use probing questions to deepen and broaden reflection in monitoring and plenary slots
8. Pitch tone and materials to an adult audience with professional respect – don’t patronise!
9. Model approaches and activities within the session through micro-teaching
10. Provide some time for teachers to draft a plan or design an activity within the session
11. Use technology to enhance learning before, in and after the session
12. Signpost resources/tasks for extension activities after training, including use of social media
13. Elicit ways to measure the impact on learners and teachers
14. Support teachers to identify specific action steps to take into their classroom practice
15. Be available for follow up activities and signpost who else could support that process
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