Checklist for Colleges on Embedding English and Maths from Catherine Langstreth

Embedding Maths and English


Complete Action
The directive for all staff to gain Level 2 qualification in maths and English has been given.
Mandatory training on how to embed maths and English into every session has been delivered across college.
English and maths are promoted by use of posters around college and in classrooms/workshops/workplace.
Information on how maths and English are embedded into sessions is present on schemes of work and session plans.
Tutors point out to learners when and how learners are practising/developing their maths and English skills in every session.
Feedback to learners addresses how they can develop their maths and English skills.
Students are set SMART targets to help them improve their maths and English (not just in maths and English sessions but in vocational sessions too).
Learners practise/develop their maths, English and vocational vocabulary in every session and record new terms and definitions in their yellow book.
Homework is set to develop learners’ maths and English.
Tutors highlight English and maths errors made by learners on their work.
Learner voice has been captured and shared, expressing the importance of maths and English (this will help other learners across college to adopt the same view).
Vocational tutors are aware of learners’ maths and English initial and diagnostic assessment results.
Vocational tutors work with Functional Skills/GCSE tutors so that they are aware of learners’ areas for development in terms of their English and maths. Information shared informs vocational sessions.


Vocational and Functional Skills/GCSE staff work together to share strategies on how to overcome barriers to English and maths. For example, a learner may not understand a particular maths calculation used to explain a vocational topic. GCSE and Functional Skills tutors can suggest an alternative method.
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