Embedding English: Web Links on Spelling and Punctuation

Here are some useful web links to help teachers develop their own understanding of punctuation and spelling,  so that they can develop learners’ skills effectively. I think some of these sites are user-friendly enough to share with learners as well.

Writing Skills: Punctuation




Writing Skills: Spelling









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2 Responses to Embedding English: Web Links on Spelling and Punctuation

  1. Christine says:

    Thank you! Really useful. I’ve put them as links on our college moodle for staff to use. There is a need.

    • Thanks, Christine. There are several other blogs on my site related to embedding English, if that is something of interest to staff there. I also run training on it too. I think there are some simple, practical ways for teachers to do it without being overloaded or becoming total experts in English grammar. I can see that extra knowledge of some of the grammar rules really helps build teachers’ confidence in marking and talking about accuracy and errors, though.

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