The Vocabulary Box: 6 easy activities for revising language

As we are in revision season now, these activities could be a good way to help students consolidate their understanding and use of key terminology.


On many courses, there is plenty of vocabulary and technical terminology that students need to learn. The vocabulary box is a great way to incorporate regular recycling of this language with very little effort on the teacher’s part. The teacher needs to provide a box to keep the words in – I use a shoe box covered in colourful paper. At the end of each lesson, get students to write out the new vocabulary items on slips of paper and store them in the box. This box can be used for quick recapping at the beginning or end of the lesson and builds up a resource for revision exercises and differentiated practice activities for early finishers.

Quick recap exercise (differentiated version)

  • Strong students: in pairs they take 10 words from the box. One student defines the word without saying it and the other one has to guess the word being…

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