The benefits of project management: what can it do for you and how can you develop the skills?

A good read for FE staff who have to implement projects


It’s a common thing to hear people complaining about how badly an initiative has been implemented. Poor communication, unrealistic planning, a lack of monitoring, things tailing off with few useful outcomes – you know the litany of complaints and pitfalls. So it’s helpful to focus more attention on the process of planning and implementation in order to reach a successful outcome. Project management can really help you do that.

Practical, contextualized project management approaches help you focus on why you’re doing the project, who needs to be involved, what needs to happen when and how to track progress.  It puts a structure and framework into your planning process. It tells you what to look out for when and how to prevent potential pitfalls becoming a reality.

My own background is in teaching and training and I qualified in project management to help me deliver CPD initiatives effectively. The combination of…

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