Who’s Afraid of Embedding English….. Or should that be whose afraid…?!


I predict that this is going to be the kind of thing FE teachers will be discussing in workrooms throughout 2014 and managers will be fretting over in meetings. All over the sector, handbooks, teachers’ toolkits and guidance sheets are being written in feverish fashion as people respond to the latest push to improve learners’ language and literacy skills. I have been delivering training in colleges on this theme for about six months now and I note some well-founded anxiety among vocational and non-vocational staff. In the main they are not language or literacy specialists and in many cases, come from a generation for whom grammar terminology and reading skills were so embedded as to be invisible to them as learners. So it is all a lot to take on….. What is a noun? What are the past tenses in English? Just how much do we need to know about…

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