Reclaiming team meetings from bureaucracy: ten tips for managers on putting the focus on teaching and learning


Team meetings in the FE sector are rare and precious, so surely the most important thing a manager can do is to make them count towards improving learner achievement. Yet many curriculum meetings are bogged down with administrative, bureaucratic tasks and simple information transfer. I think this is a poor use of valuable time when teachers are actually in a room with colleagues. I have worked with insightful managers who realize that:

1. They can focus their team meetings on T&L issues.

2. They can get their teams used to reading some administrative information outside the meeting, so that time together includes collaboration, reflection and high quality professional dialogue.

This is about the manager re-branding the meeting slot, radically altering how it operates, so that it works for the teachers by focusing on the core issues in learner achievement. It is part of the new shift towards the manager as…

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