Embedding English: 13 Strategies for Teaching Key Words


  1.  Pre teach four or five key words before tackling reading or writing tasks or starting the lesson. Choose words that are important in the context of the task/text and focus on vocational jargon that students may not come across in everyday life. Words that are technical, abstract or multi-syllable can be particularly challenging so look out for those and bring them to learners’ attention. Clarifying these words early in the lesson can pre-empt problems of understanding later on so this is a good use of the teacher’s time
  2.  Labelling – take every opportunity to label key vocabulary on pictures in classrooms and workshops as this reminds students of the words/phrases. Students can also label diagrams on a handout and this can be a differentiated task with some students having to label all the parts and other students having the diagram partially completed for them beforehand by the teacher
  3.  Encourage students…

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