The expensive conference day is dead: long live sustainable models of CPD! By Joanne Miles


The research  Why are so many colleges not paying attention to staff development research on effective CPD? Joyce and Showers in 2002 highlighted that:
  • Effective staff development involves experimentation by teachers followed by discussion with colleagues over time (peer coaching).
  • The experimentation phase requires repeated practice and discussion, to maintain momentum and motivation of teachers.
  • With training followed by peer coaching, implementation rates can reach 95%, whereas without this combination it can be as little as 5%   (Joyce and Showers, 2002, “Student Achievement through Staff Development”)

This message was reinforced by Timperley et al (2007) in the research review “Teacher Professional Learning and Development

  • The aim of training should be sustainability – to improve teachers’ planning and problem- solving for the long term. It should help teachers to regulate their own learning so that they can self-monitor to diagnose issues and monitor students…

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