Managers as learning leaders: some practical activities for team meetings

Curriculum managers and programme leaders in the FE sector are evolving into learning leaders and finding that they are expected to take a greater role in improving T&L in their areas. For many, it is a great challenge to find time with their team to share practice and stimulate ideas about how to improve the learning experience and performance of the students.

I’ve listed below 7 activities that last between 15 and 20 minutes, so that they can be fitted into short curriculum or programme team meeting slots, if CPD sessions are in short supply

  1. A quick good practice slot with teachers in groups discussing one thing that has worked well in a lesson recently or one good approach for doing induction etc. Ideas can be captured on flipcharts and added to an online good practice bank. This works best if the slot is focused on one small thing as the time slot may be short
  2. Someone who has attended a training session recently disseminates key ideas from it and adds resources to an online area or folder of shared resources
  3. A teacher gives a 10 minute micro teach slot showing a great piece of practice from an observed lesson. Teachers can then discuss how this might be useful for them or how they address that aspect of T&L in different ways
  4. A visitor from another team shares their approaches to a given topic, e.g. assessment, marking work etc
  5. Show the team one useful online resource that they may want to try out and agree to report back on it by a certain date
  6. Peer coaching slot with prompt questions; teachers work in pairs to discuss a couple of pertinent questions and collate ideas on flipcharts/ post it notes, e.g. Which approaches worked last year for getting students’ work in on time? How can we embed those approaches into this course?
  7. Build in regular reflective discussion of teaching and learning issues. Tell them beforehand to bring along ideas, to give them chance for reflection e.g. How can we push up achievement in that level? How can we support learners with difficulties/disabilities more effectively?
  8. If you have more time available, dedicate one full meeting to a theme, e.g. a workshop on assessment methods or how people do induction or how they mark written work. Some colleges fit this into the meeting schedule once very half term as a minimum
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