Questions for reflecting on assessment practices

Assessment rules right now. Evidence-based research studies say it is a key tool in improving achievement. The new Common Inspection Framework will ensure that Ofsted Inspectors will have it under the microscope during their inspections.

Here are some helpful questions for reflecting on your assessment practices:

1. How does initial assessment information inform your planning for the learners? Do you get your hands on all the information available?

2. How do you incorporate diagnostic activities into your SoW? How effectively do you respond to the results of diagnostic assessment, e.g by referring learners for relevant support, by signposting useful self study resources for certain learners to use, by planning to meet specific needs

3. Do you have access to information about assessments on learners with support needs? How does that information inform your planning for those individuals?

4. How well do you engage learners with meaningful target setting and review?

5. How well and how often do you use self/peer assessment activities with learners?How could you incorporate them more consistently and effectively?

6. In meetings or sessions, do you have a range of approaches to checking learning, beyond giving learners tests, tasks or assignments?

7. How do your colleagues check learning through questioning, tasks etc? Is there an approach or activity you could introduce into your practice?

8. How consistent and useful is your recording of assessments? ( record sheets, individual learner logs, online files, video evidence etc) Where could you improve this a little?

9. How could you engage learners more effectively with the target setting and action planning after an assessment?

9. Who could you observe if you wanted to see some good or different practice in assessment?

10.Where do you feel confident in your assessment practice?

11. Which aspects of assessment would you like to improve and what is the first step in doing this?


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