Tips for beginner coaches

When you first start coaching there can be a lot to take on board and many new skills to practise. Here are a few practical tips to get you started.
1. Investigate a few coaching frameworks such as GROW and OSKAR and use them to structure your coaching conversations. This helps you shape the coaching conversation into useful stages that lead to an action plan for your coachee.
2. Prepare your coaching questions before the session and have them available as prompts. This helps maintain focus and ensures you cover all main areas without losing the thread at tangential points in the conversation.
3. In the session, use your questions as prompts and a framework but not a straight jacket. Focus on what the coachee says and ask follow up questions for clarification and to encourage deeper reflection.
4. Consider how best to capture key points from the session. Some coaches make a mind map of main learning points and actions; others encourage the coachee to take notes and bring them back to the next session for review.
5. It can help to have post it notes and even flip chart paper available as people plan in different ways and visual methods can be useful.
6. After the session, make some time for reflecting on how it went. Consider how effective your questions were and which aspects of the session could have been improved. Note reflections and action points in a log somewhere, so you can review your progress as your coaching skills develop.
7. Give the coachee time to complete some actions and then contact them for follow up and to get some feedback about how the coaching affected them and their actions afterwards.
8. Use a more experienced coach as a sounding board and to help develop your thinking about approaches and activities to use in coaching. Coaching skills can only be developed through practice and reflection.

If you’d like further support with developing your coaching skills, please contact me:




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