The benefits of project management: what can it do for you and how can you develop the skills?

It’s a common thing to hear people complaining about how badly an initiative has been implemented. Poor communication, unrealistic planning, a lack of monitoring, things tailing off with few useful outcomes – you know the litany of complaints and pitfalls. So it’s helpful to focus more attention on the process of planning and implementation in order to reach a successful outcome. Project management can really help you do that.

Practical, contextualized project management approaches help you focus on why you’re doing the project, who needs to be involved, what needs to happen when and how to track progress.  It puts a structure and framework into your planning process. It tells you what to look out for when and how to prevent potential pitfalls becoming a reality.

My own background is in teaching and training and I qualified in project management to help me deliver CPD initiatives effectively. The combination of structured planning and robust monitoring ensure that your projects go much more smoothly than before. The focus on getting buy in and communicating with stakeholders enables you to drive the project forward as people are aligned to the benefits more actively.

Project management skills are also a good addition to your CV.  Many managers have mentioned to me that these skills are becoming more highly valued, with increasing pressure on successful delivery of initiatives, on cost and to a given standard. They are a great addition to your management toolkit as they build your awareness of process and planning alongside the necessary people management skills.

For an introduction to project management skills, you could book me in to do some training at your place of work. This will help you understand the key principles and approaches that could enhance your delivery and make you aware of how to prevent common project pitfalls.  Click here for information about the kind of services I offer:

Project Management

Alternatively, if you’re ready to commit to a longer term in depth qualification course, I’d recommend the CMI Diploma in Programme and Project Management. This course gave me a rounded view of how to set up and manage projects effectively. It incorporated learning around culture change models, organizational development, management styles and motivation as well as the more technical content on methodologies such as PRINCE2. For more information, click here:

Training has transformed the way I think about projects, helped me deliver some really good ones and support clients in planning and implementing their own. Training gives you a great deal of clarity about what can happen, helping you feel more in control of project roll outs, plus more able to respond appropriately to issues while keeping the project on track. It’s rewarding to see projects deliver great outcomes so building skills in this area is worth some consideration

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