A trainer’s trepidation: coaching in the cold

As a trainer, there are some sessions that fill you with trepidation. I had one of these at Oxford and Cherwell Valley College the other week. I’m supporting them with an exciting piece of work about embedding coaching so that wasn’t the problem. The problem was the timing and the temperature: a session finishing at 7pm on a day when Britain had retreated to the ice age…..I wondered if anyone would stay late for Solution Focused Coaching training on a day like this and feared a chilly welcome from the poor souls who had.

Thankfully, as I took off three layers of clothing, people started to arrive, clutching hot drinks but looking friendly and ready to have a go. And once the session started the temperature went up nicely, with plenty of coaching practice, speed-dating exercises to share ideas and a wealth of useful reflection about what the group were learning.

This experience made me think again about how powerful Solution Focused Coaching can be for people and what an immediate impact it makes, due to its simplicity and transferability. The group picked up a few key principles and could start using coaching activities immediately, seeing the impact on their coaching partner. They commented on how many practical steps could come out of a short conversation, focused on solutions. They could feel the benefits to self-esteem and confidence in focusing on their strengths and ways to use them in future. They could see applications to many areas of their work and lives, as these quotes show:

 “I’ll be able to use this every day with students and colleagues, even if I do not become a real coach”


“It will help with my coaching sessions, tutoring and students and dealing with my team (staff)”

Hoping to use this in everyday life”

So there was no need for trepidation. Thanks to the group at the college who brought such energy, warmth and focus to the session, and the feedback below was much appreciated:

“Loved it – worth staying late!”

Please come back!”

For more information on Solution Focused Coaching, see my blog entitled Personal View of Solution Focused Coaching.

It would be great to hear from other coaches or coachees with experiences of Solution Focused Coaching, so please post a response here or email me at jmilesconsulting@gmail.com





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